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Default Shaq to Dwight "[Dwight has] Big Shoes to Fill [before he can call himself big]"

Shaq: "I have three sons and I always tell them that if you want to call yourself big, then you have big shoes to fill," O'Neal said. "Anybody who calls himself big has big shoes to fill. Right now, he's off pace. He has to get himself on pace if he wants to call himself big."

Shaq is kinda right...but the timing of this is a questionable one.

Is it just to infuriate Dwight (and subsequently not helping Lakers by discouraging Dwight not to resign with Lakers next season so he does not have to live in this Shaq's shadow crap? Maybe this is why Dwight rather prefer Nets or Dallas so he does not have to deal with this crap since Shaq was part of Lakers history.

Or really helping Lakers in some way with his words with good intention by posing challenges for Dwight to meet.

Or just personal drama feud between the 2 Supermans?
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