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Originally Posted by AppleNader
There's been alot of talk over why Luke Ridnour was selected for the US national team. Some people have even expressed outrage that he was taken over Kirk Hinrich, even though it was revealed that Kirk declined the offer. Now, remember Carlos Arroyo back in 2004? An average NBA point guard at best, but he really exploded onto the scene during the Olympics. He was Puerto Rico's best player, and burned the US during the preliminary round.

Do you guys think Luke Ridnour might actually be Team USA's version of Carlos Arroyo? In the NBA, they are both below average defenders, streaky shooters, crafty passers, and smart players. What about in international competition? Arroyo was really exceptional. Maybe Luke will be too?

Should Luke get a roster spot on the 2006 World Championships lineup?
I'm thinking people were a little more outraged that he was selected over Allen Iverson than Kirk Hinrich, just a thought. And I disagree, he hasn't shown much in the NBA, not enough to merit a spot on the "dream" team that is USA.
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