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Default Re: Ask hateraid supplement advice PtII

Originally Posted by hateraid
What's up buddy?
I've honestly never heard of this brand.
I did just take a look at it on and the formula seems a little over the top. Although it appears to be all these unique creatines bottom line is it is creatine and you're paying a little more that what the average cost would be. I like the fact they use Vanadium. Great for insulin response. I'm looking more into l-aspartic acid as a carrier.
I'd stick to creatine HCL. But let me know how that one works out.
will do. yeah i honestly never heard of it either but it seems to have good reviews and uses creapure so it sounds like good quality stuff. have no idea what all the other ingredients do lol. i took my first dose today and i definitely felt stronger. i inclined about 20 pounds more then usual with an extra 1-2 reps. that was good considering i was pretty hungry when i went to the gym. will let u know how it goes after more use.
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