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Default Re: Ask hateraid supplement advice PtII

Hey Hateraid, glad to see you back
It's off season for me now, i still got 1 one month of preparation before pre season and i really wanted to builk a lit bittle.
Our nutricionist just work with us during the season, he was with the Olympic team from my country this Summer.

I'm currently at 5'11 with 157lb 9% body fat, ripped guy.

What do you think about something that can help me?
I know the main reason that i'm not really builked it's because of my "anormal" sleeping/eating habits in off season ... i've some trouble get a good routine in the Summer, tho i eat A LOT.

Ohh btw, i really don't like to drink milk. I try to compensate that eating yogurts and a lot of cheese.

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