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Default Re: Ask hateraid supplement advice PtII

Originally Posted by Maga_1
Hey Hateraid, glad to see you back
It's off season for me now, i still got 1 one month of preparation before pre season and i really wanted to builk a lit bittle.
Our nutricionist just work with us during the season, he was with the Olympic team from my country this Summer.

I'm currently at 5'11 with 157lb 9% body fat, ripped guy.

What do you think about something that can help me?
I know the main reason that i'm not really builked it's because of my "anormal" sleeping/eating habits in off season ... i've some trouble get a good routine in the Summer, tho i eat A LOT.

Ohh btw, i really don't like to drink milk. I try to compensate that eating yogurts and a lot of cheese.

How's it going baller?

Milk is bad anyways. I don't suggest it.
First thing I would suggest to get everything in balance is a good multivitamin. Everything starts from a basis of nutrition. Plug in holes where you are nutrient difficient. it could address the improper diet, lack of sleep with the b-vitamins, and process calories efficiently for wieght gain.

Next I would try an adaptogen. If it's available in your coutry there's a product called Geriforte (stresscare in North America) by Himalaya Herbal Healthcare. Althought the label says stress it is really an adaptogen meaning it brings the body to balance. If you're moody it calms you down. If you're tired it rejuvinates. It has no know side effects and is clinically proven on humans. I love this brand.

Finally look for a protein supplement that has a 4:1 carb to protein ratio. Carbs build mass, and as a hard gainer don't be too concerned with carb intake, you'll still stay relatively lean. DO NOT REPLACE MEALS with it. Use on top of meals. I think we've spoke before on the subject and I know you say you eat alot, but eat more. You're body has created this plateau in which it burns as much as you take in, you need to manipulate it and go over that amount. Once you start noticing some gain, that's essentially how many calories you should eat.

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