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Default Re: NBA 2K13 Discussion

Originally Posted by Brujesino
Clippersfan getting way too excited about a game that hasnt even came out yet?

This has never happened except for that time he made "Is Skyrim the greatest game of all time?" thread before Skyrim even came out.

Also when he said Mass Effect 3 would be the greatest game of our generation.

Also when he said he was hyped about NBA live 13

Batman and nba2k12 as well

He reminds me of those info commercial dudes screaming loud on your tv to buy a product. Usually those come on when u leave tv on and fall asleep then wake up to the sounds of "OMG GUYS DI U SEE THAT? THE SUPER DUPER SQUEEGY SPONGY PICKED UP OIL IN ONE CLEAN SWOOP. NO RESIDUE LEFT BRHIND!!!"
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