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Default Re: The Case for Gun Control

Originally Posted by LBJMVP
i hate when people try to argue for less gun control by bringing up massacres.

"well, if this person had a gun he could have stopped it."

or he could have shot innocent people by accident.

and lets not act like the only people buying the guns would be good guys.
the people who have the need for guns to begin with are criminals...

I hate it when people argue for more gun control by brining up massacres.

All they do is shout, "More Gun Control" without brining up any measures to actually stop these. These morons act like criminals actually follow laws.

And to the bolded, someone with a gun could have a chance to stop it. People have stopped things like this in the past so acting like it's some fantasy is dumb.

The fact is that you don't want people to protect themselves from incidents like these and that's simply twisted.
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