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Default Any room in rotation for Brandan Wright?

Wright finished last season with a team-best 61.8 field goal percentage bolstered by 59.1 percent of his shot attempts coming at the rim, according to He made 105-of-138 of those shots (76.1 percent) from inside 3 feet. From 3 to 15 feet he was 34-of-85 (40.0) and 27-of-68 (39.7) from 3 to 9 feet, areas in need of obvious improvement.

For the former lottery pick whose short career has been stunted by injury, the 2011-12 season was something of a breakthrough. He played in 49 games, 10 more than in any of his previous three seasons, and provided his team with a useful, energetic lift.

With the additions of Kaman and Brand in the frontcourt, will Carlisle still find room for Wright?

-- ESPN Dallas
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