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Default Re: The Case for Gun Control

Originally Posted by johndeeregreen

For numerous reasons. First guns aren't 'outlawed' in Canada, dipshit. Secondly, the gun control measures in place work very well, as evidenced by the lack of gun violence. Way to spit in the face of reality, kiddo.

As for the guy in the OP, I lived in Calgary for 10 years and have never felt uncomfortable anywhere. There are a couple places that you probably don't want to go at night but aren't absolute do not fly zones where you are going to get hurt/killed like most American cities of similar size. So to say that he was completely blowing the situation out of proportion would be an understatement.

First I live in Canada and have my entire life, second last time I was in Calgary a couple people got shot in a drive by down the street from where I was staying.

You should review the thread I already went over this of course Canada has less gun violence it has less violence. Guns aren't magic they don't create an urge to commit crime they are just tools.

Now how is gun control supposed to restrict access to these tools? The government has been a spectacular failure at restricting access to things see prohibition and the drug war for examples.
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