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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

the raid: redemption - 8/10

while i enjoyed much of the choreography, seeing this rookie cop, with no background to the viewer, kicking ass and taking names of about 20 guys over two floors just felt off. almost a third of the movie is dedicated to those scenes. i would have preferred the more strategic parts that were shown earlier in the movie. now, i realize the police's numbers dwindled but it sort of just fell into an action movie cliche. i counted around eight of the crew dead by around the 45 minute mark.

a very good movie but it just felt it could be even more. obviously, you have to suspend disbelief a bit for an action movie of this sort. i will say it was an intense movie and well worth watching. that's how i feel with about any movie that i rate 8/10 or above.

some sprinkling of 'rank and corruption'. again, not a bad idea but just really not fleshed out and too cliche.

if you like action movies, i'd really recommend this. otherwise, just sit back for the ride and don't let the little inconsistencies get to you. you'll still get something out of it. i could nitpick this and give it a lower rating but i feel actions movies are the most susceptible to 'critical ratings'.

i just don't rate action movies the same way i rate horror movies or drama movies. i sort of rate on overall impact + comparison to the rest of the genre. as far as action movies, i think this is really good. i'm just not sure action movies are one of my fav genres. hopefully that makes sense, without it sounding like i grade on a curve.

spoilers in white:

it would have been nice to see why this guy was such a beast and super cop. then you end up seeing that this super cop is relatives with one of the bad guys. we're only left to assume that they are most likely brothers after the bad guy brought up 'dad'. even though they disagreed about leaving together, the only cool part was that they were going to do what it took to stay alive and not stand out.

they meet again when one of the other main bodyguards is whipping the other. so the super cop walks in and they both take him since the bad guy likes combat fighting anyway and they barely win. so this super cop who dominated early on had the help of his brother yet still struggled vs. this bodyguard with the help of his injured brother. i hope i didn't make that too confusing because it's not. they had to have a super bodyguard to match the super cop i guess.

i did like how little kids were the spotters. unfortunately, this is the case in many of these situations...children and women on the frontlines and used as bait.

oh ya, the lieutenant came off as the biggest coward dickheads you could ever imagine.

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