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Default Re: Knowing your girlfriends sexual past, good or bad idea?

Originally Posted by LongBeachLakers
Let's say you started Dating a girl. You really like her and she's really great. You ask her about her sexual past and she tends to avoid that conversation hinting at the fact that she's had a few shares of youu don't know how many, but whatever you dropped the convo. Fast forward 3 years and you really like her and contemplating spending your life with her. She drops the bombshell 3 years later that she had a slutty past and slept around with 80 men. Would you rather know this or not? Would you continue on with your relationship with her or is it too much to handle?

Don't know if that's a real question or a hypothetical one, but for in case:
Usually a girl doesn't go from 80 cocks to a single one. So either it's made up or the feelings are that strong that cocks don't matter anymore.

So in case it's about you, if she was true to you after having that much **** you're probably special to her. It might hurt, but think about that. Even if you didn't know she had that much she always had 'em, but that's the past. She didn't change, she didn't cheat on you. Maybe talk about it why she settled down.

If it's hypothetical, I would want to know but it should be clear that history shouldn't come up that much. I wouldn't want that 80 cocks be rubbed into my face all the time. Neclecting the past is way worse though. Things might accidently come up late or at the worst moments.
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