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Default Re: Knowing your girlfriends sexual past, good or bad idea?

Originally Posted by dude77
80 means more like 120 or like someone else said 200 .. but it's definitely more than 80 .. which means that she's an ultra whore .. best of the best .. they always downplay the number ..

I'd have more of a problem that she told you this 3 yrs later .. she lied to begin with by being evasive about the topic .. that means she felt shame over that and she was being already being deceptive at the beginning ..

what else has she lied to you about ?(that you don't know about of course) that stud coworker she's been blowing at lunch break ?(remember sex comes easy to her .. she doesn't need much/if any at all emotional attachment) ..

if she's banged that many, that means she has absolutely no qualms about fking any guy .. I highly doubt she's suddenly going to retire her pssy and give it solely to you .. unless you're some holy god that we don't know about which in that case props to you .. but otherwise, that's not realistic from chicks like this .. she'll 'get hers' even if/when you're married .. even if not at the beginning .. she'll get that itch eventually .. I'd have a huge problem with this

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