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Default Re: The Case for Gun Control

Originally Posted by Milton
How hard do you think it is to get drugs? Did you go to high school?

Do you know it's harder for minors to get Alcohol than Marijuana? Why do you think that is?

Also why do countries with more liberal drug laws not have much higher usage rates?

Everyone who wants to do drugs already is.

" However, the finding that marijuana use rates did not differ across countries is not consistent with the contention that prohibition-oriented policies deter use or that liberal marijuana policies are associated with elevated adolescent use. "

You can get guns over the internet without ever talking to someone.

Or in a lot of places you can just go talk to someone on a street corner.

- Alcohol was way easier for people to get than weed at my school.

- Everybody who wants to do drugs already does? Not true. I would like to smoke a bit of marijuana, but I don't do it because of drug tests at work. If it became legal and didn't effect my job, then I would smoke it. I know I'm not the only one as well. Additionally, if people could smoke it out in the open like they can cigarettes, they would likely smoke it more often rather than just at home or parties.

- People can buy guns over the internet. But teens would need a credit or debit card from their parents first in order to buy online. Additionally, some of the kids would not want their parents to discover what arrived in the mail.

- The socially awkward kids that want to shoot up a place may not be willing to go talk to people on the street corner, and you won't find people on the street corner selling illegal shit in places outside of big cities.
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