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Default Re: European teams summer signings

Panathinaikos supposedly bought out Vassilis Kavvadas from Panionios.

HUGE transfer for PAO if true. This guy is the Greek big man of the future. PAO's team isn't looking too bad after all.

PG Ukic/Kitchen/Xanthopoulos
SG Diamantidis/Bramos/Zoumpos
SF American free agent/Maciulis/Giannopoulos
PF Panko/Tsartsaris/Kaselakis
C Schortsanitis/Kavvadas/American free agent

Depending on the last two transfers, Pedoulakis has put together a pretty strong team actually. The only doubt I have are about Kitchen's basketball I.Q. at the point, and the durability of Panko and Tsartsaris at PF. Still, that team should easily make the Top 16.

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