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Default Re: Team USA gets first win in Mexico

Originally Posted by Balla_Status
That's not a fact. Before 2000 yes, last 10 years it's been pretty even. USA finished top of WC qualifying, beat Mexico in WC 2002, won a couple gold cups, Mexico has won one gold cup.

Since 2000:
CONCACAF Gold Cup Titles: USA - 3; mexico - 3
Overall victories: USA - 10; mexico - 5; draws - 3
WC Appearances: USA - 3; mexico - 3
R16 Appearances (The mexican specialty): USA - 2; Mexico - 3
World Cup Appearances: USA - 1; mexico 0 (Single biggest game in the history of the rivalry. Which USA won.)
Confedrations Cup Results USA - Second place, Third Place; Mexico-?

I take that back, since 2000, USA > Mexico.

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Mexico -- 1999 FIFA Confederations Cup Champions
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