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Default Re: Is Godzuki the BIGGEST Loser on ISH?

Originally Posted by millwad
Bro, I got a source with it too..

So basically, your dad was 72 years old, 4 years ago, he's 76 years old now. You must be way older than what I previous thought, you're probably 40.

lol it makes me laugh how much you all went back and read all of my post history. it must've taken hundreds of hours since i've posted a LOT here between smokee, poodle, and godzuki for the most part, and a lot of wall of txts...u should've just teamed up with dumsby and DFish, just think of how much faster y'all could've done it splitting duties, or even each taking a smokeee, poodle, or godzuki.

anyways who cares how old i am, i've already admitted being immature and a attn whore, you're really not proving much. meanwhile i'll keep clowning your fat ass gut, your constant lying problem, and the way u dress forever. its some sad shit in relation to how u front here....
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