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Default Re: Is Godzuki the BIGGEST Loser on ISH?

Originally Posted by millwad
I don't actually take credit for finding the post about your dad's age. But it's funny, you're 30+ years old and beef on the net.

You judge guy's looks constantly but you're too afraid to put up a picture of yourself. You even make comments about people's dikks..

Your dad is older than my grandfather, what 30-40 year old man acts the way you do on the net?

But haha, your 30-40 years old and you beef on the internet, don't you have a wife or a girlfriend to be with? Is judging other guy's looks on a basketball forum, working at your dad's body shop and making comments about guy's dikks on the net the only thing you do in life?

It was fun mocking you but I got a bad taste in my mouth now, I didn't know you were this sad.

just got home from work....thx to those talking sense and surprisingly being unbias in some cases

and then i read this millwad, i can't believe you're even coming at me for beefing with people on ISH its all u used to do picking on Jlauber, calling everyone 32dayz/bwink, and made up so many lies a lot of people here actually believed. i mean you're a horrible human being from what i've seen. at least i have sympathy, guilt trips, generally don't start beefs with people unless they start with me, but you on the other hand seem to be a habitual liar about others, yourself, and everything you do here. you deny making a betting thread tons of posters saw, you denied posting your own pic lots of people on OTC saw, you lied about me being 32dayz/bwink/etc. and seemed to have convinced a ton of idiots with that lie until recently. lets just say your character as a person is extremely shady, and it seems to carryover to your RL since u seem to make up a lot of stuff about yourself that isn't true. its just unbelievable to me the gall u have to try to attack me for beefing with people since u start shit with people completely out of nowhere. i've never come across someone with such awful personality traits such as you that has so little integrity in your character.

i mean i get i wrecked u pretty bad with your pic you posted, and now your life mission is to get back at me, but you are what you are. i'd have expected someone completely different with the way you front here, but seeing that pic and you having the nerve to post it like i couldn't criticize you could possibly make you the dumbest mf'er ever do u have common sense? do u know what u look like? do u realize how often you've beefed with others while propping yourself up? its just unbelievable the gall you have and like i said i get its driven by your thirst for revenge against me, but have some common sense for christs sakes and stop talking from some pov where you're some angel. you're guilty of everything you're accusing me of, but at least i have integrity, where as you seem to have 0. you're really like a low class swedish loser to me that looks and acts the part. sorry if the truth hurts
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