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Default Re: Lakers switching to Princeton Offense in '12-'13

Originally Posted by BlueandGold
So from what I've literally just read on wikipedia/other sources as well as from my already existing knowledge of the triangle offense.. the princeton offense the Lakers want to implement would be, as you stated, severely modified to fit both Brown's limited knowledge of the offense (believe he implemented it in Cleveland) as well as the team's obvious predisposition to run the triangle. From what I've read the princeton offense relies mostly on spacing, a dominant big man a lot of off-ball action as "backdoor cutters are the hallmark of the offense". This would mean that the cutting action would be more central than the passing ability of Howard or the ability for Howard and Gasol to make three-pointers, which is at least above par from what i've seen. After Howard you have three of the greatest passers at their position in Nash, Bryant and Gasol.

While i seriously doubt Brown's offensive acumen I would think that his assistants in Kuester and Person know what their doing, or at least do their homework. I'm for any type of system that both the coach and the players can relate to.

Anyways in the end a new offensive system is good and well for the regular season but come crunch time in the playoffs it will essentially be kobe/nash+gasol/dwight pick and rolls as well as just feeding the ball down low to dwight and gasol.

Well, I have to say that a HEALTHY Howard gives this severely modified offense a much better chance to succeed, my concern is rebounding and fatigue. I've never been a fan of having my Bigs running around away from the most cases they won't be available to get those easy putbacks.
If they get tired they will also lose their effectiveness at the defensive end including rebounding as they try to take a breather.

I neither trust Kuester nor Person to design or run an offense....seriously, what have they done in that regard? They were around last year and our offense was terrible, how could we expect them to be better???
Now if we get Eddie Jordan that would change things.

Kuester was a defensive specialist as a player at North Carolina, that's really his strength.

Can someone please explain to me WHY Chuck Person is not strictly sticking to being the team's shooting coach? Chuck "The Rifleman" Person is one of the greatest shooters in NBA history......yet Phil and Brown had him screwing around with the defense, Chuck never played a lick of defense in his entire career......that's like having your mechanic perform open heart surgery on you
As several others have mentioned, guys shooting gets worse when they come to the Lakers.....why isn't Chuck focusing on this???

Let's hope Eddie Jordan will be our savior.....if not, Mike D' is still available and he knows how to play Nash.
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