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Originally Posted by TheReturnofCed
The TWolves rid themselves of a huge amount of salary, and 3 players that are worthless in comparison to their big fat bloated contracts. Rose and Taylor come off the cap at the end of the 2006/07 season, but the Wolves would probably just waive them, to increase their odds of winning the best big man lottery in a long time. They also get some players that are quility starting material to pair up with Randy Foye. This deal is probably the biggest contract dumping deal in history.

CT: Frye/ Griffin/ Taylor
PF: Lee/ Madsen/ MRose
SF: Hassell/ JRose
SG: Davis/ McCants
PG: Foye/ Collins/ Robinson

The Knicks get KG. Assuming the deal for Larry Hughes goes down:

CT: Curry/ Blount/ James
PF: Garnett/ Butler
SF: Richardson/ Balkman
SG: Hughes/ Crawford
PG: Marbury/ Jaric/ Hudson


Wolves start rebuilding in a day. I like the for Wolves

After 07 season

M. Rose - 7.7
Davis - 6.6
Hassel - 4.5
Griffin - 2.7
Madsen - 1.7
McCants - 1.6
Frye - 2.3
Robinson - 1.2
Lee - 1

Total = 29.3

Collins , Foye both on Rookie contracts.

Which would be enough cap room to get a Big name in '07 and most likely a high top pick in the '07 season. Lets say they get Durrant or Noah maybe even Oden. Why not start rebuilding this quickly.

Knicks are not getting Hughes but Garnett with Francis and Marbury could make the playoffs in the East with Zeke as the coach
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