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Default Re: Serge Ibaka has reached agreement on a four-year contract extension

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
I would say based on Market value, that's a fair deal. Right around what was expected for them to do. However, it's gonna be a beyatch Keeping Durant/Harden/Westbrook/Ibaka/Perkins together.

Just think about it: (averages

Durant - around 18/yr
Westrbook - around 15/yr
Harden - Lets say they offer him 10/yr
Ibaka - 12/yr

They're headed for Laker territory. That's 55M/year committed to FOUR players. I don't see them retaining Harden at all. I feel like they are gonna offer him something like 4 years 30M and he's gonna go elsewhere and get a bigger offer.

Westbrook will only be making $15 million a year? Seems low.

No way in hell OKC offers Harden, the reigning (though still overrated) Sixth Man of the Year, less money than Ibaka. That's why I asked how much is the max contract worth under the new CBA (thanks to Chips93 for the answer, vague but still, thanks), because Harden's market value is probably around $15 Million a year, and I'm sure if he hits the market some dumb team will offer him the max.

OKC will be as ****ed as the Lakers are with the new tax, minus the fact that the Lakers have revenue out the ass that shrinks the impact of those taxes. Meanwhile, OKC could be financially crippled during it's player's best years.
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