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Default Re: Free throw routine?

I toe the line with my right foot then glance at the rim and take a deep breath then look back down. I place my left foot slightly lower and my feet are facing at about 11 o'clock... the same as if you are taking a jump shot.

I take 3 dribbles, bend my knees and exhale. Look up at the rim right before I shoot and let it fly.

I keep it real simple. The idea is to make it like a natural shot. I stand like I'd shoot any other shot, I don't stare at the rim because you never do that before taking a jump shot. I take 3 dribbles and set because it gives you some rhythm and flow. I look up right before I shoot so that you aren't thinking about it too much. It should just be a see the rim real quick and react.

This is how I was taught and I'm an excellent free throw shooter. I'm a big believer in keeping it as simple and close to a natural shot as possible.
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