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Default Re: Serge Ibaka has reached agreement on a four-year, 48 million contract extension

Originally Posted by chips93
thats the same as bogut, LMA, horford, noah and marc gasol.

so that sounds about right to me, assuming ibaka continues to improve

it varies based on a lot of things

how long a player has been with his team, whether he has made all-star teams, been mvp, voted to all-nba teams

there are a lot of different factors

WTF? Lamarcus Alridge is much better than Serge Ibaka and there is no comparison. Marc Gasol is just plain better too and should start to come into his prime soon and reach is peak. As far as Bogut...if he can ever actually avoid injury he's better than Ibaka defensively and offensively. It's as simple as that. Andrew Bogut would have the reputation down as the 2nd best defensive player down after Dwight howard if not for those injuries. He regressed in 2011 offensively because he wouldn't use the arm he had broke, but he has to be over that by now. I'm interested to see how he'll do this upcoming season for the Warriors as his ankle should be fine by then, but either way, a healthy Bogut is easily better than Ibaka.
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