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Default Re: Team USA gets first soccer win in Mexico

Originally Posted by Balla_Status
Yeah, Mexico was supposed to win because of the severe home field advantage there and you know it. Don't even try to compare South Africa to Mexico. You do know Bolivia has beaten Argentina and Brazil badly in Bolivia right? You know why? Home field advantage due to the extremely high elevation. Same deal in Mexico. Mexico is one of the many places where it's pretty much an unfair advantage right from the start due to the nasty air and elevation. Eric Wynalda threw up blood when he played there. Any of that go on in any of the cities you listed?

And if Mexico is head and shoulders, they would've won you idiot. Nasty air, extremely high elevation USA is not used to, supposedly better quality players and Mexico still couldn't win. How pathetic. You mexicans keep trying to delude yourself that it's pre-2000 and Mexico is head and shoulders about USA when that isn't even close to being true. It's been dead even since.

So now your argument is based on the assumption that all of the Mexican Players are from Mexico City, so surely they all must be graceful gazelles sprinting from end to end while the US players slowly choke on their own blood?
I don't know if you realize this but Mexico is a fairly big country and its Climate and Topography are as varied as the US. The players come from different states and they are not at all accustomed to the elevation. Besides, the US players surely must have experience playing in Denver (CO Rapids) so I think you are exaggerating the advantage.

Originally Posted by Grinder
Well said. The funny thing is that most of these outspoken Mexican fans are the ones that live in the US yet vehemently root against the US national team.

That's a misconception. Most Mexican Americans root for the USMNT too it's just that the US English media neglects them like a bastard child and thus it is more difficult to keep up with them. When Mexico plays it is blasted all over your face the days leading to the game (in Univision, Telemundo etc.). I believe that is the main difference. Personally, I take sides w/ Mexico when it comes to soccer because when ever i read stuff on forums regarding US vs. Mexico it really irritates me that most US fans are usually racist assholes who resort to taking shots at Mexican culture instead of sticking to the soccer conversation.

Also, I've noticed it's ok for any US Citizen of another ethnicity to root for their country of origin but as soon as a Mexican American starts showing support for Mexico you can bet the "go back to Mexico you stupid beaner" insults will start pouring in...

I'm sure qrich knows what im talking about, with rooting for Armenia. Except they are one of UEFA's punching bags so the scenario is a little different. Also, qrich you mentioned that the US playing in Buffalo would make a difference, but what you fail to realize (just like ballerstatus) is that key players like Donovan and Dempsey are from Southern CA and Texas respectively. How exactly would that give them an advantage over Mexican players from freezing places like Chihuahua, Durango and Zacatecas?
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