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Default Re: Nike Hyperfuse 2012

Originally Posted by Go Getter
I would have gotten the +pack if I was still playing, but I'm just a two time a week baller now so I don't need the extras. I can buy my son 2 pairs of school shoes with that $110. I haven't taken my hyperfuses back yet though (got the new dri fit shorts to go with them so I'll have to exchange those too. I get a 20% discount on all no. Exclusive cors which leaves the lunars, the grizzles colorway, and the black and silvers. I'm gonna go with the black and silver because they match the Bulls and my University colors.

Do you ball in those dri fit shirts? I'm gonna give em a try.
I have a couple of nike dri fit shirts. They are decent but my favorite for sports are Under Armour shirts. Charged Cotton is the mot comfortable but they also have more compression fits.
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