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Default Re: Free throw routine?

Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
Another thing is that I'm extremely streaky when it comes to free throws. I can go 7-7 at the stripe one game and they feel like layups, but the next game I'll go 2-5. I know your supposed to shoot the exact same way every time but some days it just doesn't feel right. Maybe if I practice more the muscle memory will be stronger.

Live in the gym. work on perfecting your craft. Start slow and build your way up. Set markers, beat them. Your going to have haters, put that in your mental notes list, when you become a big time player make sure you let them know.

That's my advice. and

Shyt mane, that wiping jersey, ball to the side not doing you any favors bro. Its all about consistency and repetition to build some serious muscle memory.
I shoot about 90% in game. 92-98% percent when i practice. I went from an below average at best FT% to the best FT% at pretty much every gym I go or whatever game im in to no matter what the competition level is so, before i start giving real advice

jw how does your on the court workouts usuallly go, in terms of makes/attempts and stuff.
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