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Default Re: Free throw routine?

Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
Can be anywhere from 38 to 80ish. usually it's like make 5 miss 3 make 7 miss 2 make 1 miss 2 etc.

again, i can't teach you how to shoot, but i can give you a few pointers. The main thing is just staying in the gym working on your craft. Remember everybody different.

To me the reason why I think free throws are so important, is that it has a strong correlation how good a shooter you are or can potentially be. In terms of 3 point shot, off the dribble its all related.

ok maybe try this.

1. Do away with your " kobe" routine.too much "stuff" your doing. Keep it simple 1-3 bounces, spin ball, look at rim, all one motion. This way you can also get more reps up when you practice thus build more consistency.

2. This is my biggest advice in terms of accuracy. MAKE SURE YOUR HAND POSITION IS THE SAME EVERYTIME. Your left hand and right. The best way to do this is use the laces of the ball everytime. So the where the lines of the basketball are parrallel to yourself. Make sure that hand positions is the same everytime. And the best way to do this is right when you do you " spin the ball motion" immediately lineup hands after. ( if you struggle at 3 pointers this helps it also)

3. my second biggest advice in terms of accuracy is my method i created called " triceps up" . So basically when you follow thru, literally push your tricep upward vertical motion while you are following thru.

Step 2 and 3 have been proven to work. Some people who watch me workout, have been in awe about how much of a machine i am especially from ft line. I immediately tell them i can improve your ft shot right now. They don't believe me, until I tell them steps 2 and 3. and 100% of the time so far its improved their ft shot the second i told this to them ( which may not be saying much about some)

In terms of reps/makes. I like to start out making 500 the second I step into a gym for my workout. that's my "warmup". then inbetween any drill i do i make 10 in a row. Then before a gym i have to make 100.

Again, I built my way up. I say for you start off with 100 as " warmup" make 5 in a row inbetween anything you do. and 100 before you leave a gym.

If you want you me to post a video, if you want to see my method explained visually I can do that. That's how important I feel free throws are and shouldn't be butchered with inconsistency like what you stated your problem to be.

To answer your original question: I did copy routine from OJ Mayo. Which is the one bounce to shot. But in terms of looks ( and accuracy) it is comparable to Ray Allen's, I personally think mine looks better than his to be honest, cause i only take one bounce ( compared to his three), and less leg motion.
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