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Default Re: Free throw routine?

I ripped Reggie Miller... if its a game there is usually powder around, i would douse it in my hands (can live without it tho), then i would walk up to the FT line and align myself (right leg a bit infront of the left leg, shoulders and feet straight towards the rim), stand and press the ball left-handed against my left hip and extending my right hand upward in a shooting motion. Then take three dribbles and shoot, follow thru, heels up.... swish.. shooting motion/technique/stroke is also in style of Ray Allen/Reggie Miller

If its just practice, i mostly just dribble the ball 3 times and let it fly...

I shoot around 90% or more.... no bragging really, im outside/inside shooting the ball around 6 or sometimes more hours almost everyday, rain, snow, night, morning, who cares, i am dangerously addicted :P

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