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Default Re: Amir Johnson Play's At UTSC Scarbrough Campus

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
i don't know why that guy thought he could block him smdh that was nasty

p reign overreacting though, no need to run the dude off the court this aint the rucker
True. Thing about it though is, an NBA'er rolls through your gym, even him doing just average stuff (for him) is not the type of stuff you see everyday.

As for his actual highlights in that game, nothing special not even the dunk. Just a run of the mill hard dunk with the guy coming at him from the side, not a facial or anything. BUT i've always liked Amir the person. He's another guy who I can never question his effort or heart, and he's always seemed real down to earth. His skill level, I don't know i'd still say he would be best served as a rotational guy coming off the bench, playing some D, grabbing boards, and hustling his ass off. Just a cool guy in general though, seems like someone it'd be fun actually meeting him.
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