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Default Re: Free throw routine?

Originally Posted by SourPatchKids
Will do. Hey my school's freshman b-ball tryouts start October 29th. Any tips to be mentally ready? On the physical side I've been staying in shape and eating right so I think my biggest hurdle is to learn to be confident in my abilities.

Yes, I am aware of your age/grade. Man you got so much potential inside you young fella, but you don't even know it yet. I know this because i have seen you ( i lurk) ask many question about to improve your craft.

With all that being said

Your biggest hurdle is not ability. Your biggest hurdle is you don't live in the gym (yet). Find out what time your HS Gym is open, or if there is a gym walkable/bikeable distance from your house. And then build your schedule around it. If your school has a shooting gun machine, ask how to operate it and use it.

Buy a nice pair of headphones w/ mp3/ipod ( it will be your new best friend)

If your HS Gym open before school, wake up early get in there and shoot.
At lunch time, you have an extended amount time, instead of talking to friends/broads eat quickly, get in the gym and shoot. After school talk to broads for a little bit, then when they leave on the bus, stay in school go to the gym and shoot. Come home do your h/w, chill, internets, go back for a night session and shoot. Then after chill, text broads while watching player in game highlights of NBA guards ( via youtube).

Work on ball handling also, stay away from 2-ball stuff not necessary at this point. One ball drills.

Come up with on the court plan and stick to it. Do it 5x a week, run pickup with ya friends on weekends repeat.

There is seriously no need for you to do any weights at all. Its a waste of time, because your body years from developing and having high testosterone levels that will result in serious gains relatively quickly.

There are two main things that make up basketball talent imo: athleticism/size and skill.

Right now just dont worry about the 1st ingredient for right now, just the 2nd which is skill. Become one of the best shooters on your team, and one of the best ball handlers. A HS coach can teach you how to play defense, how to run an offense ( not playmaking abilities though), get you in shape.

This takes time( years) and consistency. Rome wasn't built in a day. but when it was finished being built, it looked ***** amazing.
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