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Default Re: Amir Johnson Play's At UTSC Scarbrough Campus

Originally Posted by lilbeastnani
Oh come on RT. What do you expect them to do during the off-season. Twiddle their thumbs, smoke weed, party and *********e?

Work out & train with other professionals?

There's nothing worse than playing with a gym rat who's trying to prove something.

Here's a story that's not even on that level:

In college I played varsity football. Every year, we put in a competitive intramural b-ball team. EVERY YEAR there'd be one or two guys who thought they'd be the one's who could be "tougher" than the football team. They'd try and show it in games, being more physical, fouling harder, etc. Finally, we had an incident where in a similar sort of play (that didn't result in a dunk) where a smaller guy took out one of our players at the knees and seriously injured him. He trashed talked the guy on the ground holding his knee, saying he wasn't so tough, etc. We're relative nobodies. Local stars. You've never heard of me, but we still had guys trying to "step up" at me and the guys on my team and be "the man" simply because they were playing against "someone" and wanted to show they belonged.

There was no reason for that guy to think he could block Amir Johnson. He's a nobody. But there he is, taking Amir to the ground on a dunk, trying to block a ball that's at least a foot higher than his reach.

Yeah, Amir could get hurt walking down the stairs in the off season. The point is to be smart about it and pick your battles, and don't pick your battles with people who have nothing to lose.

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