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Default Re: We still need a backup center IMO

Originally Posted by dd24
I don't think the C position is the weakest it's been in NBA history. There's actually a lot of good C's out there. With that said, the Lakers have plenty of size. Like was mentioned in other posts, Pau can play C and so can Hill. I think this will help with the distribution of minutes. Jamison can play PF and Pau can play C to give Dwight a quick breath. Hill can come in for Pau or Dwight. Sacre will probably end up in the D league at some point I would imagine. He's not NBA ready. I'm actually looking for the Lakers to start to groom Hill a bit more. I've mentioned in other threads this is probably Pau's last season here. Next year the Lakers will not be able to afford this lineup. Next season is when the new luxury tax rule kicks in. They will definitely shop Pau.

They'll probably be able top afford it, especially if the team is winning. The question is how much are they willing to spend.

Why trade a guy who's fat contract is going to expire in 2 years? Suck it up for 2 seasons. Pau and Kobe will come off the books, Nash will come off it next year. Then all you have is Dwight Howard to pay for.
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