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Default Re: Fire Gar/Pax Right f*cking now!

Originally Posted by ballinhun8
What are you so mad about???

That Dwight was dealt out of the East?? For the last time, HE DIDNT WANT TO COME HERE! He is a drama queen and an attention whore, he fits into LA.

Yeah. I don't know what this thread is really about, but if it is about Howard I am confused. Let me put it this way; the Magic were talking about making the Bulls give up Noah, Gibson, Deng, etc for Howard.

The team that Howard got traded to has a history of being on the receiving end of very generous and even perplexing deals. No way the Bulls would have been so lucky. Getting screwed for a guy that does not want be in Chicago? The dude might not even be the same player as he once was.

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