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Default Re: Cuban: No Chance Mavs retire Kidd's #

Originally Posted by kennethgriffin

kidd played 8 years in Dallas

1995 = 11/8/5 ( rookie of the year )
1996 = 16/10/7 ( Allstar )
1997 = 10/9/4
2008 = 10/9/6 ( Allstar )
2009 = 9/9/6
2010 = 10/9/5 ( Allstar )
2011 = 8/8/4 ( NBA Champion )
2012 = 6/5/4

that added to his HOF total career

doesnt = retired jersey?


even the lakers with their storied history would retire kidds #

do they realise he was one of the best defensive players ever too?

while I agree that Kidd did more in Dallas than many here seem to remember, those two All Star appearances in his second Dallas run are kind of a joke.

The first was b/c he was voted in the East with the Nets. It may as well have been a lifetime achievement award.

The second was b/c a freak ice storm hit Dallas when we hosted the ASG causing a player (injury replacement I think) to be unable to make it in. Kidd just happened to be in town and was willing to play.
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