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Default Re: Cuban: No Chance Mavs retire Kidd's #

Jason Kidd wore 5 during his first 3 years in Dallas. His second stint he was a good player, but never the same.

The year he got traded to the Mavs, he made it as a Net and he was easily deserving. He was one of the top players in the league in the first half of the year. The team just sucked.

I wouldn't retire #2...#5 would be cool tho. I wonder if the Suns would retire #32...he was 1st Team All-NBA and led the league in assists 3 seasons in a row there...and he should have made the All-NBA 3rd Team another year. Made 3 all-star games as a Sun (would have been 4, if not for the lockout).

But it's rough to have a guy's jersey retired in so many places. The Nets tho...come on. Him and Dr. J...who else?
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