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Default Re: When does your vertical start to drop?

Originally Posted by ILLsmak
I wonder if it ever does in terms of true vert.

They say later that you build the most muscle. I wonder, then, if you couldn't just build leg muscle.

I know my vert dropped, but I gained weight. I think that might be the larger reason. I weigh like 155 now and I was about 125 when my vert was best (at age 16/17 before I destroyed my ankle.) Obviously I'm not a big person, but that's what I would watch. Even in the NBA, it seems like dudes get heavier when they start to lose their vert.

Not to mention the NBA guys are just wearing their bodies out. I think you can keep your max vert past your 30s if you work on it, though. But that's just my opinion. You'll have have to work harder than you did when you were 21.

I don't know the in's and out's of muscle, but I'd presume there's muscle that will make you broadly strongly and then there's also muscle that builds speed and response. Clearly, I think jumping would require an effective mix of both. I believe someone can have strong leg muscles but still not necessarily contain the reflex and quick muscle response to spring off the floor with extreme effectiveness.

At this point, I'm operating under the "use it or lose it" clause. I feel like if I don't continue working to maintain and improve my hops (at age 28), they'll be walking out the door sooner than I prefer.
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