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Default Re: John Stockton 1-15-91

Originally Posted by L.A. Jazz
Your discussion brings out what was the best about John Stockton: he didnt care about such things like "who is the best on the team or who is the best of all time". he played to win. he did everything to make his teammates better and gave it all on both ends of the floor every time. he is everything you want your PG to be, because you can get scorers, you can get rebounders, but there are few floor leaders, guys who are like a coach on the floor even in extrem pressure situations.

sure, Magic is the best PG of all time, but he is a freak, a PG in the body of a SF/PF. then behind Oscar, Stockton is there with Frazier, Isiah, Payton, Cousy.

he is my favorite PG and i would always let him bring up the ball and initiate the offense of my team.
Good Post but your staement on Stockton can be said about all the other PG you listed.Did anyone play harder size for size than Thomas ? PG/SG Payton was the best defender /scorer of all time as a PG. Frazier great defender and would give you a quiet cool 30 any given night.Outside of Magic and oscar and id say Thomas how you rank the rest is subjective.
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