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Default Re: I'm new and want to try fantasy out!

well, first off, have fun. too many people take it way too seriously or lose sight of the fact it's a game and try to ruin it for everybody else. your first year might be rough, but just try to be active and evaluate statlines all season (don't fall for flukes but absolutely pull the trigger on potential).

examples, i pulled the trigger in football last season when tebow went on his streak. two QB league and he was huge, scoring 20+ points almost every week. amazing QB in real-life? no. great in fantasy? winner. that's the stuff you have to pay attention to. i picked up blatche a couple seasons ago when he went on a tear. last year? lin was huge down the stretch, especially if your team was good already.

it also depends on what you're doing. i actually think a points league is best for beginners. it has less variables and is more linear imo.

like i said though, first season, just have some fun. if you're really good at prognosticating, evaluating and making adjustments, you'll find that out in time. and even if you're not, don't beat yourself up. injuries happen. i still haven't gotten first place over several years, lol

i can't stress enough that you have to find your own methodology and strategy and you'll learn with experience. just keep attention to change of coaches/depth charts. too many people overlook that and you can capitalize on your league mates. just because you think some guy is a beast doesn't mean he's going to the get the relevant PT and vice versa. if you see a certain trend or a coach talking some player up...take the chance and cut some deadweight for him. it might just be enough to carry you into the playoffs and eventually a championship.

try to soak things in and eventually just go with your gut. you can find your favorite sources/writers but don't feel like you can't disagree with some prognostics/'experts'. we're all in the same boat and trying to guess

if you're in a roto league, look for balance. don't fall for dwight. not only is he coming off an injury where the team isn't totally dedicated to him, he will absolutely wipe out your FT%. you have no chance of winning that cat with him on your team, unless you surround him with amazing FT shooters (then you usually have a deficiency elsewhere). dwight just sucks for roto. avoid him if you can. it's not even guaranteed he'll win out on blocks or rebounds. it's best to look for versatile guys, players that can help you in multiple categories or players that will carry you in an area or two...without killing anything else.

there's different strategies. if you want to straight up tank FT% and try to win everywhere else, draft dwight and rondo. they both suck at FT% but are elite in assists, blocks and give you a huge boost in rebounds and steals. i don't recommend this method simply because if someone else drafts one of your players, your strategy is kind of screwed.

real life impacts does not equal fantasy impact and vice versa. you should pick up on that pretty quickly as well if you haven't already.

these links should help:

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