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Default Re: wanna go to the NBA or play college ball

Originally Posted by noosaman
You can say this about any guy. The stupidest thing any guy can do is to have a long term girlfriend/wife in his 20s. It makes no sense to me. You are basically blowing the best years of your life when you should be out exploring the world and figuring out life. I will never understand why any man with a pair of balls would ever want to settle down, especially early in life.
I think it depends on the person and their experiences. And sometimes, folks have to know when they come across someone that's worth hanging onto. It's not always terribly easy to find someone we truly, truly fit with, so if guys stumble upon that early on, I cannot really fault them.

On the flip side, and not regarding the unlawful situation mentioned in the first link, I have seen my fair share of former players of mine who've been on track to becoming college athletes, only to be distracted and lose their will to work due to finding themselves a woman late in their high school career. Usually when we start noticing a formerly committed player beginning to skip workouts and open gyms, or not showing up to the courts in the summer, we can bet it all has to do with a female.

I remember having an assistant coach who didn't know much about basketball, but one time he told us to wait on obsessing over the ladies until after our basketball careers because the ladies would always be there but basketball wouldn't, and I thought it was crazy at the time, but he might have been on to something. It was probably the most poignant piece of basketball advice he ever offered.

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