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Default Re: Fantasy Football Advice!

Originally Posted by KingBeasley08
fantasy wise I honestly wouldn't rely on any skins RBs. They're really inconsistent, the O-line is really sketchy, and it often seems like they alternate good games between them

he could be a look for a late round pick. wouldn't be suprised if him or helu break out. imo helu is the more talented runner but he's usually there on 3rd down only because he's a god awful pass protector

Pretty much this. I'm sure Helu and Royster will have some big Fantasy games but don't count on em week in and week out cuz our backfield is in fluid motion.

Here's a question for my football bruddas: I have the third pick, assuming Arian Foster goes first so I'm targeting Rodgers since Rice will prolly be taken 2nd (I live near BAL). Is it best to go Rodgers over Brees fantasy wise? I think it is but I haven't played in a couple years.

Also, assuming #2 pick takes A Rod 12 (a$$hole) should I snag Rice, Brees or McCoy. I'm thinking Ray Rizzle
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