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Default Re: pretty sure RG3 will bust

Originally Posted by ROCSteady
As for Cowboy Thunder, guy is a f@ggot who doesn't like anybody who can threaten and surpass his OK State (irrelevant compared the Sooners or NFL) Cowboys.

Ask anyone if they'd rather have Brandon Weeden or Robert Griffin III

Have you ever even been to a football game?

I've seen QB's come and go in the Big 12 for years, RGIII is nothing special. Just bagged a Hypesman because they've been pushing it for him since he was a freshman.

Two best QB's I've ever seen with my own eyes:

1. Sam Bradford
2. Brandon Weeden

> Robert Griffin III, Colt McCoy, Ryan Tannehill, Blaine Gabbertt, Stephen McGee, Jerrod Johnson, Vince Young, Landry Jones, Jason White, Paul Thompson, Taylor Martinez, etc., etc., etc.
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