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Default Re: What's with this myth that Shaq didn't have a long period of time as a superstar?

Originally Posted by Odinn
Originally Posted by BlackVVaves
I agree people need to stop downplaying Shaq's longevity, but to say his longevity is > Kobe's is an attempt to undermine Kobe's longevity as well.

I think right now, as in today, their longevity is equal. But, if at 34 and 35, Kobe still performs at a level that warrants a spot on those years' Top 10 of the year list (which I think he will, probably 6-7 this year, and 8-10 in 2014), then Kobe's longevity will trump Shaq's, and it wouldn't be very comparable when considering he'd almost be 20 years deep in the NBA at that point. 19 years to be exact. That means, for 16-17 years straight, Kobe would have been a Top 10 player in the NBA.

16 - 17 years.
From his rookie season to 2005-06 season, Shaq gave 14 high quailty seasons to his teams.

2011-12 season Kobe's 14th season as a starter and his first 2 seasons as a starter weren't on his standards.
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