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Default Re: [Hypothetical] Ten Team Trade Deadline Deal

Originally Posted by TexasBloodMoney
So the kings give up: Cousins, Evans, Thornton, Brooks and Jimmer for........Asik, Lin, lamb, and a bunch of late 1st round picks?

The rest isn't terrible but this is a shit deal for Sacramento.

The Toronto pick is basically lottery guaranteed, and the charlotte one could be structured in such a way as well. So two lottery, and if structured similarly, could potentially be picks in the 3-7 range, plus two late first rounders. Plus they get to shed the contracts of Hayes and Thornton. Also, this hypothetical trade is based on the assumption DeMarcus wants out of Sacto and would be threatening to test free agency when he becomes restricted, which is very possible along with the fact that the Maloofs are cash-strapped.

Also....its fun.
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