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Default Re: What's with this myth that Shaq didn't have a long period of time as a superstar?

I think people think that because of guys like Kareem and Wilt who were dominant players longer. That's the standard Shaq was held to. As great as Hakeem, Russell, Ewing, Robinson, and Moses were, Shaq from day one was expected to be on the individual brilliance and dominance of Kareem and Wilt. At his best, he clearly was. Hell peak value wise, Shaq is very the GOAT center. But he didn't accumulate as many rings, MVPs, or points as Kareem. And he didn't get as many points or have as many gaudy numbers as Wilt. I do think it's bullshit that people say Shaq wasn't dominant for a long period of time though. Just look at Shaq's career and you can tell he was great for a long time. But Shaq actually had the goods to be the GOAT center flat out. And maybe even GOAT ever!
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