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Default Re: Lebron is NOT more skilled than Jordan (who isn't even the most skilled player ever)

Originally Posted by Pointguard
Technical skill is at the level a lot of yall are talking about.

All applied knowledge that is active in a sport and efficient is a skill. Some people are more technical skilled than others, not necessarily better. Al Jefferson is the most technically skilled post scorer out there, or at least at center. Blake the second best and has the most range with Howard the least technically skilled of the three. But scoring is more of a sure thing the opposite way around. By definitition Howard can be said to use his know how better than Jefferson which fits in with the first definition of skill in most dictionaries. Oxford dictionary

Definition of skill

the ability to do something well; expertise:

The goal is more important than the mechanics by most definitions of SKILL. Tiger Woods could have a less than perfect swing, but he is usually more skilled than the competition when he's on his game. However, other players might be more technically skilled, which is a difference. Foot movement for a rebound is good but a serious of other elements have to factored in. The overall formula, which is subject to an plethora of differences, is more important than the mastery of three or four technical skills.
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