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Default Re: Kobe fans (and haters). #8 or #24?

Originally Posted by KyrieTheFuture
Because why does Kobe deserve to have that honor? I would not mind a special Jersey that featured both numbers but the same name should not hang from the rafters twice. It's an insult to the other names hanging beside it.

Why DOESN"T he deserve that honor though? I don't see how it's an insult, when he's spent his entire 16 year career playing for that franchise. He has broken or holds nearly every laker record possible for him to have. Literally would be here all day posting them. not to mention all he's done for the franchise from a marketing standpoint, clearly continued to help expand the global popularity of the lakers.

I'm not saying i think he should have both jerseys retired, but to act like that's a completely ridiculous idea is a bit ridiculous don't ya think?
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