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Default Re: Has anybody floated from stardom to role player more gracefully than VC?

Originally Posted by macpierce
I wanted to comment on this thread earlier but here it is

Does anybody remember the 2010 Eastern Conference Finals? The Magic lost to the celtics and after the series vince was on the court smiling and laughing with nate robinson and co...............****ing pathetic. I would never want that piece of shit on my team taking losing like it's something he expected

2010 was Vince's best chance at winning a ring. I still to this date believe that the Magic should have won the first two games. Rasheed lewis stunk it up completely as did Vince. At 32, Vince should have been attacking the rim non-stop instead of settling for jumpers resulting in sub 40% shooting for many games. Game 6 against Boston was his best game in terms of effort but Nate Robinson ( who did not play a second on games 1-5 ) exploded for 20 points and ended the Magics title run.
Even Reddick in a 2012 interview stated that the 2010 Magic were the closest bunch of guys and the best team he has ever played on. They just stunk it up against Boston.
But to avoid writing a novel, I have always felt Vince never truly wanted to win bad enough until he reached the age of 30+. Bit too late but if only he had the Kobe mentality he would be a top 5 of all time
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