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Default Re: NCAA expanding inquiry into Kentucky freshman Nerlens Noel

Decimated isn't the correct term. History-less, more or less.

Got to give it to Cal. He knows how to bend the rules to it's limit (and I will admit most top coaches do this as well) and if he does break them, he will cover his tracks like very few can even imagine. What's the worse he gets? Vacated Final Fours... Big ****ing deal, like anyone acknowledges that crap other than the record books.

NCAA is investigating that Noel and who is there? A UK compliance officer in the meeting

Not that anything went on, right?

In an article in The New York Times in March, Tilton coach Marcus O'Neil, who was one of two Tilton officials present at the August meeting, spoke extensively about Noel's relationship with Chris Driscoll, a former Providence assistant who has been a primary figure in Noel's life. In the article, O'Neil said that Driscoll once told him about Noel: "Nerlens is my last chance. I need to score and I need to score big."

That says a good deal. Not that anything went on.
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