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Default Re: John Stockton 1-15-91

Originally Posted by get these NETS
this is disingenuous

During karl malone's playing days he made himself into what some people were calling the best ever at his position

at no point in Stock's career did ANYBODY call him the best ever at his position

granted, the top PG's list is a bit more loaded than the top PF's list but it's disingenuous for you to say that Stockton dominated his position more than Malone dominated the power forward position during their playing days.

Stockton was right there with the top pgs not named Magic while Karl and Barkley were the guys at PF. Magic is in a class all by himself. I never compared him to other pgs. Bird is the only guy you could compare him with when they played. Maybe Big O before that and Lebron now. Could argue that Karl is actually a better comparison to Magic since they are the same size!

In Utah Stockton and Malone were always talked of as equals. Karl ended up with more accolades and scoring is sexier to most people but I always saw Stockton at a higher level.K arl needed John more than the other way around.
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