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Default Re: Pistons Roster Not Finished?

Originally Posted by embersyc
Well there is the thing, I don't think the 2nd rounders will get much playing time, unless a trade goes down, English has the best shot at playing time considering, but I expect the rotation to look like...


...for most of the season. If Drummond starts outplaying Max, obviously things will change up, but I'm thinking Frank will keep a tight rotation most of the season.

I don't expect them to get much either. I think they'll eventually spend time in the D league.

I think Jerebko is a big part of the rotation too. Daye will see some PT. Hopefully he gets a chance. This year is the year he needs to step up. If he doesn't then I'm done with him too. Charlie V I don't care about much but I think he'll still get some PT. I also think Kravtsov will get a little burn, he could end up in the D league for a bit though.
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