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Default Re: Basketball coaching discussion

Originally Posted by JellyBean
Thanks, coachRB. I agree. It is always a good idea when coaches are sharing ideas and philosophies about coaching basketball. It helps knowing that someone has covered some ground before you so you can bounce ideas around and grow. Also thanks for letting us pick your brian and allowing us to seek advice.

Quick question(s) 1). What is the best way to deal with fans and parents unrealistic expectations for the team and the parents child's playing time? Fans seem to think that we are going to go 20-0 every season, which would be nice if we had the talent. Some parents want their child to play 32 minutes ( I coach high school JV girls baskebtall) when they can barely play 2-3 minutes. What is the trick to dealing with these unrealistic expectations?

My 2nd question (and this is open to anyone) deals with rebounding. What drills can I use to help my players improve their rebounding, getting thougher in the paint, and remembering to blockout when going for rebounds?

Thanks again.

Talking in my personal experience from what i see my father planning for his practices there is some good drills to explore. This is my favorite one.

- 12 players exercise. Put two teams of 6 players. Each team with their one basket. Then put 3 players shooting and 3 rebounding. When one of the players grab 10 rebounds (even with made baskets) switch that player for the shooting position with the one who shoot worst %.
a) They will work to grab boards to shoot.
b) The shooters will work to not go get boards, improving %.
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